Camera Gear I Use For Videos

This collection of equipment is camera gear I use for videos, Its not quite all of it but its the gear I use most of the time, but if I`m videoing in the workshop then I would keep equipment to the minimum. Unfortunately my workshop isn’t that big. Most of this gear is from when I was into photography and just kept adding to the list. There are two items I have left off the gallery, two neewer  CN-576 LED lights. I was using them to photography all the equipment. In the workshop I have set up two Manfrotto Super clamps that can be moved about the workshop so I can have direct light at certain areas where I will be working. I use battery power rather than mains power because having power leads every where is a recipe for disaster, especially in my small workshop. The Neewer LED lights take Sony NP style batteries. I use NP-F970 batteries and each light can take up to three batteries, which will last for hours of videoing and I use a Sony NP-F550 for the monitor. Talking about the monitor, I brought a Freeworld FW760, for around £200 its a brilliant 7 inch monitor which can handle 4k and has focus assist, which is essential for my tired old eyes. Most of the wide shots of the workshop or work area, I use my Nikon D7100 camera, set up on a tripod. For the close ups I use my Sony LX15/10 camera Which I sometimes use on the MOVO Steadycam. I have used, at some stage, both cameras on the Slidecam which I made myself very cheaply and it actually works. I have made a video on the slidecam and if you click on the word you will be sent to a video of the slidecam. For Time lapse I normally use the Gopro 3 Silver. Audio is more important than the video content. Most people would put up with an out of focus video but nobody wants to listen to bad audio with muffled voice and loud back ground noise. I use the Tascam DR-05 to record all my audio. It was about £75 and worth every penny. Although its made of plastic, I keep it in a padded pouch most of the time which I clip to my belt. Because most of my video include working around and with woodworking machinery, I use a lavalier mic. The cable can be tucked underneath a t-shirt and no chance of getting it caught in any machines. The microphone on top of the Nikon is Rode micro mic.I use it to pick up what I`m saying and it gets recorded to the camera. When I put it all in the editing software I can delete the the camera audio and replace it with the Tascam audio which is cleaner and clearer. I use Vegas Pro 16 to edit my videos, not as good as premier pro but good enough for what I use it for. I do love my gadgets and I`m sure in the future this list will grow.