Guitar Wall Bracket

3 Guitars.

Oak Guitar Bracket

At home I have three guitars, each one with a story behind it. I didn’t want them damaged with all the work that’s going on around the house, so I decided to make a bracket to hold all three guitars. I found a nice piece of Oak in the workshop so the back board of the bracket was sorted. For the pegs I wanted to use some brass bar that was left over from the slate topped table project.

I also brought some copper bar;  idea being one peg was going to be brass and the other copper. In between the pegs I wanted to do some copper inlay of some musical symbols. The plan was to use the treble clef, bass clef and a quaver. I think it’s a quaver but it’s been many years since I have read music. I have little experience with copper wire inlay so there was always a chance of disaster. In the end I decided to just use the treble clef and the quaver in between the two middle pegs.

Plans don`t always work out.

I used carbon paper to trace out the outline of the treble clef,  then using my carpentry chisels and carving chisels I started to make my way around the shapes. About half way round, bits started to fall out! In the end half of it had crumbled; was the end of that idea. I decided to cut my loses and had a rethink of what to do. I cut two diamond shapes out of some teak  I had laying around and decided to make them just big enough to cover the “incident”. To keep in with the copper brass idea I cut one brass diamond and one copper diamond just slightly smaller than the teak wood; it almost looked like I had designed it that way. Too make sure the sheet metal stayed on the timber I used two part epoxy glue and glued both parts to the Oak board with the same glue.


I sanded all the timber down with first 80 grit sandpaper then 120 g and 240 to finish. I gave the shapes two coats of clear coat varnish and allowed them to dry overnight. To make sure everything stayed in place I glued in the copper and brass pegs in with the same two part epoxy glue.  I then fixed the bracket to the stone stone wall, of the extension,  with some sturdy 100mm 6 screws; fixed behind the guitar pegs and then filled the holes with wooden plugs. Even with three guitars on it the bracket is rock steady and looks nice. Hope you have enjoyed this and below is a video of the whole process that I went through. Any questions or comments please use the video comments section or use the ‘ contact us ‘ sheet on the webpage. Cheers.