Pallet wood clad staircase

When I turned our flat into a 2 story house I had to build a staircase pretty quick so I made a set out of moisture resistant MDF. I didn’t do too much too it knowing I
had to change it in the future , the future has finally come. When I did the bathroom floor with the pallet wood ( Pallet wood bathroom floor )I had a few pieces left over
so I thought I would use them on the staircase to match it in with the bathroom floor.After sanding and hoovering up the MDF, I started to lay the pallet wood out on the stairs
to make sure there was no straight joints and to also work out if I had enough to finish the job. I then wrapped each steps pieces up in tape. I also had the idea of trying to blend the stairs in with the handrail
so I cut lengths of 22mm copper pipe and glued the to the back of the step and it also gave the look of the old fashion Victorian carpet rods, which the used to keep
the stair carpet in place.Before I glued them in position, I polished them with Brasso and gave them a thin coat of metal lacquer to try and keep them looking good for as
long as possible considering the amount of traffic they are going too see.To stick down the pallet wood I got the same rubberised glue I used on the Bathroom floor.
It is Called BONA R850, It is purpose made for wooden floors, because its rubberised it allows some movement. I left a 2mm gap either side of the step for movement and put
some mastic in there to stop dust and bits going in. I chose a black mastic because I was going to paint the strings and risers of the steps black.
Because it was the only way up and down to the top floor,I glued alternate steps so we could stand on the others till they dried then glued the other half. After much
sanding, first with 80g sandpaper and then 120g sandpaper. I ripped down some sapele strips to use as the nosing of the steps. Without it each step blended into each other
which was a bit of a hazard as my wife found out and it just finished it off nicely.I gave it two coats of Liberon hard wax oil to bring the grain out and protect it. I also used sapele to edge the strings of the stairs, any exposed MDF was painted black.
I also painted the skirting black to match it all in. To finish the stairs completely I also used sepele for the shelving around the top of the stairs.
To add a bit of bling and a night light I decided to fit some LED lights.I Ripped down two strips of sapele at 45 degree angle and glued and pinned them to the shelves.
The 45 degree angle was the best angle for the LED lights to shine up the face of the skirting. I brought the LED lights from Amazon. They came with two strips of lights,
The mains adapter, The remote detector and a hand set which you can change the light intensity, light colour and some simple programming. The IR detector needs to be line of
sight to the detector so I just fed it out the top of the skirting. I have put links to this video and links to all the stair project videos down below. If you hove any
questions please contact me through the `contact us` page or in the comments of the YouTube video.