Secret Door Bockcase

When I built the extension to the back of the house, the roof cut across the existing window, so after taking the window out I sealed the top section from the elements and
the bottom section became our way in to the loft space.

For months we just had a curtain over the hole until I had time to make the Secret Door Bookcase.I have a YouTube video that goes along with this write up,( Secret Door
bookcase ) Combined together should show how I made it.

I had a few ideas but until I start building I never know if it will work, and it didn’t first of all. The first idea, A was to fixed top shelf unit and hinged bottom section
but after a trial run the door, which opened inwards, hit the roof and wouldn’t open very far. So I changed the idea and started to build the whole thing as one unit
to open outwards, but the hinges didn’t work and it hit the bed! Back to option A, fixed top and hinged bottom opening inwards but threw the hinges forward and lowered the door and it
worked, simple.
I made the shelves out of 18mm W.B.P ply. I fixed the shelves with biscuits, PVA glue, and screws. I needed the whole unit to be as stiff as possible because as soon as the books are put on the shelves,
it would try and drop.
After making the top unit I screw that in position making sure that when I fixed the bottom section that the face of both units were flush on the front.
I cut two big hinges into the back of the swinging section and fixed them but cut for a third just in case. Then I tried opening it, disaster, When I threw the hinges out I forgot to cut down the width of the bookcase.4 inch hinges

I even had  in my mind when building it, to check the width,  well off it came again and I cut 50mm off the edge and rebuilt. After a bit of adjustment the door was swinging and all flush at the front.
I wanted the bookcase to blend in with the wall so I painted the whole thing the same grey colour as the wall then ripped down some oak beading just for the front
edges of the ply. I glued and pinned these on and filled the pin holes with Liberon light oak wax.

Normally when you fix the beading on the front and inbetween the architraves of an opening door, you need to cut an angle on the opening side, because the beading clashes
with the architrave. When I cut a test piece of beading and fixed it, the angle was so big it looked bad, infact it looked rubbish and gave away that this was an
opening door. So to get over this I cut every bead into the back of the architrave so when you looked it just looked a fixed part. It was a lot more work and fiddly but
was worth the trouble. I made the cut out just a fraction bigger to allow for the paint.

I fitted a strong wheel on the back of the unit, so even if the unit did sink a bit, the wheel would make sure that by the time it was closed it was at the right height to
go into the slots.
The opening system I wanted to be simple, I knew I was going to put my camera collection on the shelves so I decided to use one of the cameras. I cut down a 1/4 20 threaded
bolt, which is the size of the socket underneath the camera, screwed it into the camera then drilled a hole in the shelf it sat on and through the opening shelf.
I countersunk washers around the holes so it would minimise wear.I think this will do for the moment but I want to get some smooth bar so I can cut a 1/4 20 thread
at the top so when you pull the camera up, it doesnt drag the thread through the washers like it does now, maybe spring load it as well.

I hope you enjoy the video, the link is at the bottom, and hope it gives you ideas for your own Secret Door Bookcase. If you have any questions feel free to contact me
either through the `contact us` form on the web site or in the comments of the video on YouTube.